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Attractive Website Design

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Good website design is not about having a website with the coolest graphics. The design alone is not enough to make the visitors purchase your products and services.

You will need to fulfill 3 elements in order to have success with your website.

1. Design: Attractive look.

In the physical world people are attracted to beautiful things. When the visitors visit your website they like be attracted with to the same feeling as they have in the natural world. The website doesn't need to be ''cool'' to sell, but the website design needs to appeal to our sense of ''liking beauty''.

Illustration and images.

  • Choose illustrations and images for the website design that make an explanation to what you are writing about. Any image you use should give more information to the visitor. If it doesn't underline something in the article or its simply there to show an image DON'T use it.
  • You may want to use an image in the beginning of the article that catches the interest of the visitor.
  • Optimize the image or illustration for fast loading. I recommend to use Fireworks. Open the image in Fireworks; resize it to fit the design. Click on -->File --> Image Preview. Choose approximately Quality 70%.
  • PS! Use 72 dpi for all images and illustrations. If it's possible, don't use images larger than 300 pixels width.


The caption is the text you find directly under the image or illustration. Don't repeat the text you already have written. If the caption doesn't give extra information to the user, don't use it.

2. Design: Optimize the website to load fast.

A website design that is overloaded with images and graphics takes long time to load and will make many visitors search for other websites. With a slow loading website you will have difficulties getting the website rank well in Google.

Optimizing the website includes:

  • Images and graphics.
  • Text.
  • The code (html, php or asp).

3. Design: Short and long descriptions.

Many company websites focus mainly on product photos, accompanied with a short technical description. Many think that the visitors don't want a lot of reading.

You should have a short description in order for the visitor to understand and take a quick decision to make an order, or to take contact with you. But on the internet, where nobody can see you or visit your physical store you need to be able to give them ''trust in you'' so they can take the decision you want them to take.

Both the short and long description included in the WEBSITE DESIGN is important!!

Long description.

With a short introduction including the important selling points and a ''Read more'' button where the visitors can get more information and see ex. an Image Gallery, you can give them the information they need in order to be convinced about your trustworthiness.

Write an article with 600 words.

In fact, write an article about your products and services that includes everything that are needed in order to build trust from the visitors. I recommend writing the article with minimum 600 words.

Spelling & grammar

When you finish the writing you need to proofread the article. Don't publish anything before you are sure the text and grammar is as good as possible. People don't like spelling and grammar errors. You don't want to lose a customer because you forgot to run a spelling and grammar check. I recommend to use this FREE spelling & grammar check if you are serious about your spelling and grammar.

Attention - The Back Button!

Remember that when entering your website the visitors can just click the ''back'' button, than they are gone from your website. In fact most visitors use less than 5 seconds to evaluate if they came to a website with the subject they are interesting in.

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