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Seo & Sem

Keyword research

Finding the right keywords for your website is an important part of our SEO Services. The keywords will be used for your menu, headlines and webpage titles as well as some parts of the body text.

It is important to find the right Keywords that is being search for in the search engines.

By giving our SEO Services a list of keywords that you think will apply to your website and your business, we can analyze and test this keywords to find out the value using those keywords. As a part of our SEO Services we will also find related and associated keywords that apply to your business.

Organizing a Keyword List

Organizing a keyword list with your main keywords, menu keywords and long tail keywords will provide you with:

  • Menu structure.
  • Page titles.
  • Headlines.
  • Sub headlines.

Keywords from the Statistics

Our SEO Services will provide exact statistics that provides valuable information on how users find your website, and which keywords they are using in the search engines.


If a user have found your website at the second or third page in Google with a particular keyword, it's a big chance you will get much more traffic if the same web page is # 1, 2 or 3 on the first page.

Testing Keywords with Google Adwords

By testing the keywords with a Google Adwords ad will tell you if that keyword are being used in the searches.

Article marketing and SEO Services

Not many do understand the Power of Article Marketing. But the fact is that with each well written article you will harvest the effect for many years by relevant traffic. Through well written articles on a consistent basis you will be able to:

  • Strengthen your website reputation.
  • Establish an online authority.
  • Get valuable natural back links.
  • Get higher search rankings.
  • Get high-quality natural search engine traffic every day.

By giving our SEO Services your keyword list, and the themes of the articles, we will write and optimize the articles so they convert visitors to customers. Based on the keyword list we can suggest GOOD Professional titles and headlines of the articles. We write good articles both for your website and for external websites including anchor text links to your relevant landing page.

Back links - Links from other Websites

Links from other websites is like a Recommendation for your Website. If you ask any Online Marketer you find that all agree that link building is the most important activity to increase traffic to your website. Link building may be the most important signal for the search engines that your website is worth putting at a GOOD POSITION with that particular Keyword.

Good links vs. NOT good links

Obviously you do not want links from "dirty" websites or adult websites. You do want to have as many links as possible from anchor links, in the middle of content that is about your theme and subject. Links at the bottom of the website has less value than anchor links. Links near the top of the article has more weight than links further down. But to insure that the search engines will index and use your link, you may need to repeat it two or three times throughout the article. (But don`t overdo it)

Natural links

Natural links will come from websites when the webmaster or website owner think your article has value to his/ her visitors.

  • Look for blog writers that may write about you, and give them an optimized URL they can include in their writing.
  • TIP them about your article and give them a few GOOD points why they should consider writing about your products and services.
  • You may suggest to give them one or two products for them to use as a gift in a comment contest.

Write about an article on another website

Write a few words about an article that can enhance your user`s knowledge about a special subject. Everybody are looking for positive reviews about their website, and will love to link to it. Make sure you give them a TIP about your review, and give them an optimized link as well.

Do you need help with your SEO strategy?  Please contact us for a quote on our SEO Services.

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