How can it save your time, money and improve efficiency of your team?

A large number of companies do not perform well, simply because of administration issues. Lost documents, time wasted on searching for them, inaccurate data, time spent on phone calls, misunderstanding with your clients... Sounds familiar?

If so, then benefit from the following:

Save lots of money and get a quick return on your investment.

How much per year do you spent on printing, distributing the information to your staff, branches, departments etc? Paper, ink, phone calls, stamps?

Could you use this money more effectively? Perhaps to buy new equipment or for a staff pay rise? Would it make your team work harder and feel more appreciated, therefore increasing your profits even more?

Time is money - save it

Do you realize how much time is wasted on looking for the right information in your company, on writing emails, asking questions, phone calls?

Could this time be used more effectively, perhaps by focusing more on customer service? Getting new business, serving your potential clients?

Would having all information within one click of the mouse improve the efficiency of your team? How would it influence your profits if they could focus on serving customers instead of unnecessary administration?

Eliminate misunderstandings and questions: 'I did not know?', 'Where is it?', 'Where did I lose it?' since everything is in one place and can be printed out if needed.

In less then a minute, you can announce any changes and events to all of your staff at the same time. With ease!

What else you can do with your internal website?

The possibilities are virtually endless and we are happy to research what will work best for you. Of course you can have your own ideas as well. Here are some other options:

Is it secure?

Well, it has to be. Your intranet is designed to protect your company's sensitive data and at the same time to give an immediate access to price lists, brochures and company information to your staff. It is also easy to use, with sections and pages designed especially to meet your company's specific needs and easy to update from an intuitive control panel.

What you get is an Intranet/ Internal Website with sections designed specifically to improve the quality of work, flow of information in your company as well as save you a lot of time and money on printing, meetings and administration.

How this will enhance your business and profits? You alone know the answer...

If you are interested in discovering what such website could do specifically for your business, then contact us to arrange your free no obligation appointment with your dedicated business advisor.