ORM also works to controll and eliminat any bad attention.

4 SIMPLE STEPS can help you LOOK YOUR BEST Online. (See 4 Simple Steps.. further down)

If your NAME or your COMPANY name shows up on Websites in the Search Engines Result pages in a NEGATIVE way, this may cause problems for you and your company.

Your search results equals your reputation.

We can help stop the damage to your reputation.


Our Reputation Management Service ensures that the information about an individual, business or organization is accessible to the public online and is positive/ neutral , accurate and up-to-date.

Research with Google.

The hard competition in the job marked as well as in the business sector, makes the decision makers more aware of avoiding people or businesses that has a bad reputation. One of the tools that are used is Google search (Googling), where you can find information on private names and company names.

Your want a new job, loan, apartment or other important things. That may depend entirely on the impression your search results in Google makes.

Try it right now!

Write your name or your business name in Google, and see the result. If you don't like what you find (or don't find) than read 4 Simple Steps .. below.

Take back control of your reputation now!

How We can help?

We will make sure that you never lose a job or a contract because of bad online reputation.

We are using the 4 simple steps. Although it's 4 simple steps, it includes hard work and dedication for each step, depending on how severe the negative reputation is and how many results that shows up on the front page in Google.

4 simple steps to Improve your Online Reputation?

1. Create a Positive Online Profile.

Our experts will make a positive Professional Profile on LinkedIn etc. based on your documentation and achievments.

2. Write positive articles.

Our experts will write optimized positive articles that includes your name or your business name.

3. Publish the articles.

We will publish the articles on your own website as well as other websites. In this way we are able to fill the front-page in Google search with positive reviews, and the websites that talk negative will be suppressed to page number two or three.

4. Building Links (Backlinks)

Our Backlinks experts will register anchor text links from quality websites in order to make these articles popular in Google. Google mesures number of quality links as a vote for your website in its algorithm..